10 Dating Tips To Reigniting Your Romance

Romance can stagnate. There are those that think that because you are in love you shouldn?t have to work at love. That?s not at all true. You must keep love alive by being kind to each other, being honest with each other, compromising, trying something new and adventurous and just being romantic. Here are ten fast ways to reignite a romance that has grown somewhat stale.

Part of the reason a romance stagnates is because you know each other too well, you?ve become too predictable to each other. Predicable translates into boring.

Perhaps the most common complaint women express about their husbands and long term partners is that they?re never spontaneous.

?I wasn?t going to turn around and come back when I remembered it was your birthday. I would have wasted my plane ticket.?

Can you imagine, however, if you showed up at the door with a dozen roses and a bottle of shampoo when you were supposed to be at the other end of the state in a business meeting?

What wonderful spontaneity and what a wonderful reaction you?d get to ?I couldn?t go without celebrating your birthday with you.? What love and romance that would convey.

So, yes, spontaneity is the first of the 10 fast ways to reignite romance.

The second way to reignite your stagnating romance is to talk to each other, to listen to each other, and to do things together that make you laugh. Don?t hide your feelings ? open up and trust each other.

Love notes reignite romance as well. Make a path of love notes - perhaps a poem of sticky notes ? down the hall and into the bedroom ? that says how much you love her.

The fourth of the 10 fast ways to reignite romance is to compliment your partner. Say nice things about her or him to others within hearing of your partner.

Don?t paw her or him when others around but be affectionate. It?s sweet to see elderly couples holding hands walking down the street.
Be responsive to their needs. Offer to be the one to run to the store when they?re the one that wants the ice cream. Or better yet, take her or him to the Dairy Queen for a sundae.

Show your partner respect. Don?t belittle them or their opinions and ideas just because they don?t agree with yours.

Reignite romance by doing something special, some little thing you know they would like to do. Give up your night in front of the game for a walk by the lake.

Number eight of the ten fast ways to reignite romance is to not react with anger when your partner says something particularly nasty in the heat of an argument.

Wait until things cool off and then calmly and rationally explain why it angered and hurt you. You?re probably going to get an apology as well as some insight into some of your annoying habits as well.

Another way to reignite romance is to take responsibility for yourself. Your partner is not responsible for your health or your happiness. Quit the cigarettes, get out and exercise and find creative and recreational outlets with other than your partner once in a while so she or he can feel free to do the same.

The last of the 10 fast ways to reignite romance is to let yourself feel free to communicate without evasion or deception, or holding back. Trust your partner and show her or him that you do. That will reignite romance.