Paris Hilton Dating Erik Markham

There are rumors floating around on various web sites that sexlet and Hilton hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been running around fanning the flames with Erik Markham. However, for someone dating one of the hottest babes in the celebrity circuit, I couldn't find even a Wikipedia page about this man. So, I decided to check out what information I could find about Erik Markham and whether the rumors are true of Paris Hilton dating Erik Markham.

Erik Markham was born on July 6 1968 in Beverly Hills California and he now lives in Newport Beach, California. Erik has had quite a storied past, being involved with a variety of different companies since he was a teenager. Some places he has worked include Saleen Performance, Interplay Productions and ADP. His name actually appears in the credits for several of Interplay's games, including Evolva, Star Trek: Klingon Academy and Start-Up 2000.

Erik is known to be extremely intelligent, with an registered IQ of 162 (and yet there are rumors that Paris Hilton is dating Erik Markham? Not that a super smart guy can't get a babe like Paris, but hey, if there's hope for him, there's hope for all of us, right?)

Through an odd set of circumstances, Erik became a friend of Prince and actually brought music talent Amy Girton into Prince's inner circle. Her first single, "Broken Glass" was recorded at Drop Soul Productions together with a purple crew (that's what they call people who have a relationship with the singer Prince).

Since things were going so well, Erik announced a 10 song album and started working with Amy to craft the new tracks. During this time, he became known on the celebrity circuit and began hanging out with some of the hottest of the Hollywood starlets. It is possible that it was at this time that Erik and Paris first met, although there is no clear indication other than some one liners on a handful of websites that Paris Hilton is in fact dating Erik Marham.

Things died down quickly with Amy, but Erik continued to work with other female talents in the music biz including such luminaries as Cyndi Lauper, Samantha Fox, and Kim Sasabone. He is also rumored to be working with the new television series Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles.

I tried to check out some of his personal sites, like his Myspace and Facebook profiles but found no indication of truth or denial of the rumor that Paris Hilton is dating Erik Markhom. It is it true? Is it false? We may never know until the potential lovers tell the world. Only time will tell.

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Online Dating Etiquette for Men

First, what is online dating etiquette? The dictionary definition of "etiquette" is "rules governing socially acceptable behavior." Based on this definition, online dating etiquette would be defined as "the rules governing socially acceptable behavior when communicating with members of dating websites."

It is really easy to be anonymous on a dating website. You are hidden behind a nickname, so no one really knows you. This makes it easy to behave however you please, without regard to etiquette. As a responsible person, however, you should try to make online dating a fun place to be by adopting good manners and conduct. Everyone will benefit from this behavior.

Here is some simple online dating etiquette for communicating with women.

  1. Reply even when you are not interested. Should you reply to a woman if you are not interested? Unfortunately, people often just stay silent when they get a message from someone who does not interest them. They simply don't reply and ignore the message instead.

The right thing to do is to reply. Tell her politely that you do not think you're a good match and wish her good luck in her search. She will appreciate the reply, she will know you are not interested so she won't be wondering why you didn't reply, and she will be able to just move on.

  1. Be careful when asking personal questions. Is it okay to ask personal questions when dating online? When you are first getting to know someone, you should avoid asking such personal questions as "Where do you work?" or "What is your last name?" or "What is your phone number?"

Wait a little before asking personal questions. There is no specific amount of message exchanges or days you should wait. It all depends on the interaction you have with her and how she feels about giving out personal information.

When starting to communicate with her, you should work on creating between the two of you a sense of trust and an attraction. If you ask for personal information too soon, she might get suspicious or turned off.

  1. Be honest. Do not lie at any time when creating your profile or communicating with women on the Internet. Don't lie about your age, your body type, or anything else. In the end, it will just hurt you when she finds out about your lies and you end up having to justify them. That's a situation you don't want to get yourself into. Remember that no one likes to deal with liar.
  2. Hold off on talking about sex. Wait before talking with her about sex unless she brings up the subject first. Don't use sex to try to attract her. You will just be wasting your time. Work at making a good connection with her first, by talking about things she likes or things you have in common.
  3. Emailing twice only if you must. If you email a woman for the first time and she does not reply, you may want to wait at least a week before sending a second message. Women get overwhelmed by the amount of admirers' messages in their in-boxes. She might have deleted your message by mistake, she might not have paid attention to it, or she might not have been interested.

It is okay to email a second time just to make sure, but wait at least a week. You don't want to be pushy.

Online dating etiquette is about good manners and good behavior when communicating with other website members. Following good etiquette will make dating websites a better place to be, and everyone can win from it.

About the Author:

David Roy has over ten years experience working for dating websites. He is a writer on and the author of "How to Meet Women Online". His practical guide depicts a true view of online dating universe, and is designed to help men in meeting women online.