Datemeplease! Not Desperate. Polite.

Online dating is a doozy isn't it? First they draw you in with the cheesy advertisements of a woman staring blankly into a web-cam "trying" to act sexy. Every-time I check my myspace mail, there she is, I open youtube, there she is again. The funny thing is I actually got suckered into clicking on these ad's thinking I'd give this online dating a try. Next thing you know you're on their home page, and in giant bold letters it writes, "MEET SEXY SINGLES" sign up now! So I sign up. I fill out random things about myself that has nothing to do with dating, my favorite color, the last book I read, what I had for breakfast, that sort of thing. Fast-forwarding 40 minutes, I'm finally signed up and start searching through these profiles. I find someone I like, so I decide to send a message to them, reading, "hi, my name is…I thought your profile was interesting, would you like to chat sometime?" I waited for two days for a response, and Nada. I hadn't received a response from anyone I sent a "wink" to or a message.

So I move onto their advice page, now they're offering classes on how to prepare an appropriate invitation, so I can get them to actually write me back. Let me get this straight, I need to now be an English major to date? Not even that, to get someone to respond back to me, who probably doesn't even use their account anymore because they lost interest in the fact that these dating "DATABASES" just do not work. I was so frustrated, you pay all that money for membership, so they can tell me I need to have linguistic skills and be a english major to spark interest in a potential date?

I have looked for a down to earth, functional dating website, where I know that I can find people who are interested in chatting, and maybe eventually going out for some coffee. Recently, I found a website called Datemeplease.Net, their front page actually tells you what the site is about, in VIDEO and its really cheap to sign up, including free membership for the first few months.

The site seems really easygoing and simple to navigate, its only my first week as a member and there is so much activity from other members, I think I might actually go on a date without being able to formulate an introduction,summary, and conclusion on paper. No applications, just real people who want to hang out.

Datemeplease is an online video dating website defying the odds, removing the cliché, gimmicks, and fakeness in internet dating.