Smoked salmon platter


Reception catering (made to order)

We are the perfect fit for your event.  Our unique catering presentations will create an enticing treat for the eyes as well as the palate.

  • Platter of bite-size canapés featuring our savoury specialities (taramasalata, aubergine caviar, bell pepper caviar, Albanian cheese, etc*.)
  • Platter of schmaltz herring, ready-to-eat individual portions
  • Gehakte leber platter (chopped chicken liver, egg and onion)
  • Smoked salmon platter
  • Cured meat platter
  • Mini gefilte fish platter
  • Platter of marinated herrings, ready-to-eat individual portions.
  • Piroshki platter
  • Mini börek platter
  • Galeh platter
  • Barrel-cured pickles served on a platter
  • Pain surprise
  • Savoury petit fours
  • Hungarian or Polish goulash platter

    (*)Our savoury specialities are also available in decorated portion cups.
  • Mini bagels and mini pletzels
  • Caraway bread served on a platter
  • Blinis
  • Large size Haloths
  • Mini pastry platter (with cheee, apples, poppy seeds, chocolate, etc).
  • Viennese strudel platter
  • Lekach platter

Bite-size canapés platter

Religious Holidays

During Jewish religious holidays, you will find here an extensive choice of traditional mouthwatering specialities :

  • On Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and during holidays of Tishrei, koulitches and sweet pastries with honey and dried fruits will represent a sweet beginning to the new year.
  • On Hanukkah, ponchkes, sufganiyot and other stuffed doughnuts.
  • On Purim (where sweets are given to friends and children), all kinds of hamantaschen: Haman's ears
  • On Pesach (Passover / Jewish Easter),  no leavened bread nor pastry, a whole range of almond macaroons or pastries made with beaten eggs (lekach, pasta).
  • On Shavuot (Jewish Pentecost), different kinds of pastries made with milk or cottage cheese such as Blintzes (crepe-like pancakes filled with cottage cheese, cherry or cinnamon)

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