Our classic items to be served with breads or blinis as appetizers, starters or buffet :

  • Plain or dill-flavoured taramasalata (Ukraine)
  • Aubergine caviar (Romania)
  • Bell pepper and herb caviar (Salonika)
  • Gehakte herring : chopped herring (Poland)
  • Gehakte leber : poultry liver, eggs and chopped onioins (Yiddishland)
  • Körözott : paprika cheese (Hungary)
  • Albanian cheese : with Mediterranean herbs (Dalmatia)
  • Peperone : Bell pepper cheese (Italy)
  • Venetian tuna : Tuna and olives (Italy)
  • Yellow cruise (spice route)
  • Hummus : chickpeas, sesame seed paste (Israel, Middle-East)


- Gefilte fish: boulettes de poisson à la juive
- Galeh: Calf's foot jelly
- Schmaltz herring: Deslinated fat herring fillets
- Marinated herring
- Ogurk herring: Herring in cream
- Bobes Salad: white bean salad
- Pickles in barrel and malossol
- Cholent, traditional Shabbat meal
- Hungarian and Polish goulash
- Kreplach: meat ravioli
- Blinis

Traditional Cured Meat:

  • Pickelfleisch: beef brisket cured in salt brine
  •  Pastrami: more spiced-up and smoked meat
  • Scarlet beef tongue
  • Smoked turkey
  • Krakow or goose fat sausage
  • Landjäger, semi-dried sausage

Gehakte herring in a portion cup

Hot food - both eat-in and takeaway

  • Bulgarian Böreks: goat cheese, bell peppers & spinach or baby vegetables
  • Piroshkis: beef, aubergine, spinach or salmon
  • Latkes: potato & onion pancakes, plain or filled with meat

Hot sandwiches you should try before you die

  • "Yiddish Sandwich" : two savoury specialities in a pletzel, served with raw vegetables
  • "Classic Sandwich": pick one of our savoury specialities and enjoy it with one of a pletzel with aubergine or bell pepper caviar and raw vegetable garnish

Yiddish sandwich

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