Also known as sernik, keis-kouchen or cheese-cake, Vatrushkas cottage cheese-filled pies from Central Europe have captured the heart of westerners. There are a plenty of Vatrushka recipes.
Here are some versions, made with a creamy cottage cheese :

  • Vanilla and raisin vatrushka
  • Lemon vatrushka, more refreshing
  • Morello cherry vatrushka
  • Cinnamon-orange vatrushka
  • Light vatrushka, a low-calorie version with unspoiled pleasurable flavours.

Vanilla Vatrushka


Widespread in Central Europe, a strudel is a type of sweet or savory layered pastry with a filling inside usually consisting of apple (or other fruits), walnuts or poppy seeds.
Our offering includes :

  • Viennese strudel : apples, raisins, candied orange peel and cinnamon
  • Polish poppy seed strudel
  • Romanian almond and raisin strudel

Viennese Strudel

The Feast of Pies

Our richly garnished pies come as single-serving pastries :

  • Polish lemon-flavoured apple pie
  • Poppy seed, almond and raisin, fig and prune pie.


Poppy seed pie

Decadent Chocolate Cakes:

  • Queen of Sheba: a delightful chocolate and almond cake with a crispy top and a soft interior.
  • Chocolate-raspberry Sacher Torte, a Viennese classic

Many other pastries to be discovered or rediscovered include:
Lekach, Polish Babka, Mazurkis, Almond cookies, Mandle Broit, Almond Kourabiedes, Linzer Torte, petit fours and much more.


Queen of Sheba

Eastern European Breads
  • Classic cumin bread with rye, wheat and kummel seeds
  • Rogalik, kumel and fried onions
  • Razowy, whole wheat flour, yeast, slow-baked caramelized bread
  • Bagels, braided small crowns sprinkled with poppy seeds
  • Savoury boiled Gekorte bagels
  • Pletzels, small round onion breads (Pletzel is the former name of the old jewish quarter of Le Marais)
  • Hales (Hebrew: Haloth), braided breads traditionally eaten for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays.
  • Matselehs, crispy patties with onions and sesame seeds, with salt or poppy seeds.

Poppy seed bagels

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